Yellow/Golden Oyster - 1/2 lb approx.

Yellow/Golden Oyster - 1/2 lb approx.


They resemble a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers, smell like fresh watermelon, and have a "nutty" taste when you saute them.  If undercooked they can be extremely bitter.



It is said that oyster mushrooms, in addition to being highly nutritious, may promote heart and immune system health, encourage healthy blood sugar control, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


    The flavor of the Golden Oyster improves dramatically when cooked. It can be bitter when eaten raw, but when cooked they develope a balanced, nutty flavor some say is similar to the flavor of cashews.  They do not have a long shelf life and should be used within a few days.


    8 Health Bevefits of Oyster Mushrooms


    Allergies:  This product was produced in a home kitchen not subject to public health insepection that may also process common food allergens.  Please do not purchase if you are alergic to nuts or mushrooms.


    There are no returns on fresh mushrooms.  If there is a problem please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.


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